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Her name was Alice, be it real or fake.  A sixteen year old girl with a baby on her lap and a sweet smile on her face.  

Her bio stated she had chosen to give her child life, and hoped she would be adopted.  She wanted someone to teach her how to be the mother her little girl deserved.


My heart skipped and with a Divine hand  their faces were engraved on my heart.  I will never forget either of them.  Though

I may never know how their story played out, l will always wonder if her prayer was answered.  


Did someone come along to teach her how to be a mother?   Did a sister in Christ see those two faces and become both a mother and a grandmother all in one day? 


Was it the prayers or service of a proLIFE Christian that helped her protect the sanctity of life?  Maybe Alice, like me,  was always proLIFE.  Maybe someone opened their home and put their money (and life) where their mouth was.  There are so many details I will never know, but I do know this:  

God used Alice to show me my own hypocracy!   From the first time I heard of abortion I knew it was wrong.  I had always stood against it! The problem for me was (until that point) I had only stood in opposition and judgement against abortion.  I had never embraced the sacrificial solution to the 

unwanted & unplanned pregnancy. 


Looking at Alice, I realized to be proLIFE, I also had to be proADOPTION.


Protecting the sanctity of life doesn’t  stop with protesting and lobbying.  That’s only the beginning.  Being proLIFE is for LIFE! 


Until these children are born with the ability to protect and provide for themselves someone has to protect & provide for them!  So by all means, continue to seek justice for the unborn!  

Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves! But please don’t stop there!  

Open your hearts, homes and lives & embrace that LIFE!  Valuing  the sanctity of LIFE isn't something you do once a year.  It's something you can do everyday.  It starts with seeing an empty hand and realizing God has equipped you to fill it!  Not because of your abundance but because of His!  Because ceasing to do evil is not enough, we must seek to do His will, His good!  

I'll admit not everyone can adopt, there are legitimate reasons some can't.  But orphan care is so much more than just adoption.  So from the depths of my heart I plead with you; please, please realize this:


The same God that requires you to speak up, also requires you to step up! 


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